Waterfalls Of Victoria

There’s no better place to find yourself than sitting by a waterfall and listening to its music

― Roland R Kemler

Trentham Waterfall
Hopeton waterfall
Triplets Waterfall

Its deep inside the Great Otway’s National Park. stunning to look at and the sound you hear from this waterfall will bow your mind away. downside is, its a hike that you need to prepare for it. the going to the waterfalls is deep down. coming back is the nightmare. but its worth it.

Stevenson waterfall

Great Otway’s National Park – Stevenson Waterfalls

Stevenson Waterfall – Marysville

Victoria’s longest waterfall the Stevenson waterfalls is in Marysville not far from Melbourne.

Trentham Waterfall
Hopeton Waterfalls
Triplets Waterfalls