Selling Photo’s

Selling your photo’s online is so much easy. Turning your photos in to earning is much better than keeping them stored away on your computer. Many want that extra cash that comes in. many hobbyists, amateur and professional photographers use these photo stock online services to sell their photo stock

Here is a few who buy photo stock online. (1) Alamy (2) Etsy   (3) Shutter-stock  (4) Stoke Adobe (5) Getty Images

Selling in Your Local area

Footscray melbourne

Your local area is also a good place to sell your photos in community local markets. Asking permission from owners of dinning and bars to display some of your good photo’s is going to get you some locals interested in buying your photos.

Selling at work

creative group of colleagues during work process

Workplace can be a good place to promote and generate sales of your photos. Having a catalogue that displays many of your nice photos is going to get you some team members who will be interested to buy your photos.

Weekend Markets


Perfect place where you can have your framed photos displayed. Have also other photos printed on a canvas. Have in hand your business card so you can be contacted. Its also where you can make a connection if your photography service is needed for personal and business reasons. attend as many as you can as a vendor

Promote and sell Online.

Social media

Social media is also a place you can reach many selling your photos locally and the rest of the world. Create our E-commerce website and promote it on other social media platforms. Even as the market is much more competitive, you just have to believe in your goal to sell and stand out among the many good photographers who sell their photos.  

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