My photography journey story.


Before I started taking on photography. I remember a couple of landscape scenery’s that I saw, I could not get them out of my head. And same thing when I saw a couple of birds with different colors. This became more of the same when I would travel to different places I have never been. It hit me all at once when I spotted a kite in Melbourne much closer than the ones, I saw in Africa flying high up in the sky in circles. And then I learned that the kites not all look the same, and that hit me all at once just wanting to see more of them.

At that point I decided that I wanted something that can capture and document this sighting. a photograph. I did not care much about the quality of the image. So i got my hands on a Canon 6 D with the start up lenses.  That was a relief that I have something now if I spot a landscape or a bird then I will be able to photograph it. I did not know there was so much to do when taking birds and landscape photography. its obvious that since I wanted a picture, then I must learn more, about the camera and how to take the photo. And then came the photo quality factor. It took some time as I was juggling with work and finding that time to take some time off and do some photography.

 Now that I have passed through some of the tough hurdles. I find myself taking photos that I like. Here I will share some of my photos and stories of adventure. As I intend to get much more serious with my photography in wildlife and landscape‚Äôs. that means I will have to do a fair bit of traveling to photograph epic landscapes. I also want to spend some quality time in Africa photographing wildlife at the Kruger national park and Masai Mara in Kenya. i also would like to spend some quality time in Africa to inspire the youth in to wildlife photography. something that i would be proud of if i can archive that goal. hope to share my photos and story behind them more often.

Thank you for taking the time to understand from where it all started.