Photography – Learn to earn money

woman using canon dslr camera

Learning and practicing the seven different types of photography below, you can build a strong foundation for your photography career. It would be good for you to investigate some of the online courses or you can teach yourself.

  • Portrait Photography
  • Photojournalism
  • Fashion Photography
  • Sports Photography
  • Events Photography
  • Editorial Photography
  • Architectural Photography
  • Wedding Photography
  • Food Photography

A must try at home photography.


animal pet cute kitten

Try taking photos of your pets up close in a nice setting. Pets offer much more pauses that can give you the opportunity to zoom in close to capture all the details including their fur that sticks out.


cute kids

Kids are the subjects that can improve our portraits and sports photography. they are also will help you improve your ability to connect with adults when taking their portraits. Kids just offer more to improve your photography.


bed bedroom

Try taking photos in the rooms with natural light flowing in. this can be in the morning, afternoon or just before the sunset. Take advantage of the natural light and see how your photo will come out. Try also taking photos in the room with less light. Pump the ISO on your camera. You will improve your photography taking photos in low light conditions.

Portraits – Believe in yourself

woman in white button up shirt wearing headdress
side view photo of woman in black fedora hat posing looking away

Take portraits of yourself until you are happy with it. This will improve your portraits photography and help you build confidence when you take an adult’s portrait photo. You can convince them with good reasons why it is good.

Water splash

Try filling a glass jar or a bowl with something which has multiple colors. Take a photo and see if you can capture all the details. Have someone drop and object in the water and you take the shot.  You can also pour some colorful liquid and take the shot.

Its Fun & You Learn.

its on canon tutorial website. find the link below the image. this tutorial helped out getting to more about settings and exposure. works for all Canon DSLR camera’s.

canon tutorials

Play and learn with the online canon set camera to improve your exposure skills.

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