Out in Avalon Beach

Not the best or coolest place out of metro Melbourne, but it has a friend you makes me laugh until all that stress vents out. hot as it has been today in Melbourne, it feels just fine here in between water ponds and the beach.

up close with a kite 2

My instincts where right telling to revisit this area where i spotted this kite. I arrived and was disappointed the kites where not there. so i decided to just take a rest. roll down the car windows. fresh air blowing in. so that was good. just after half an hour as i looked out. the kite was up and hunting. if i move the car a bit closer it would scare off the kite. so i waited while just watching the kite from my car tinted glass. then it moved in a bit close and i ceased the moment and share it with you.

New Birds i spotted.

Its not everyday that a birdwatcher like me will spot something different. Last week  I was lucky  to spot 3 new birds. i have never seen before. Long Billed Corella, Red Browed Finch and Fig Parrot. its my first seeing them. An addition to my birds sighted database.

Long Billed Corella
Long Billed Corella
Red Browed Finch
Red Browed Finch
fig parrots
Fig Parrots
Sulphur cockatoo
Long Billed Corella & Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

most photographed flowers ?

State rose gardens

Could the roses be the most liked and photographed flower? Not one article have I found that proves roses are the most photographed. However, its certain it’s the most loved and selling flower in parts of the world

So, i only stepped in the gardens after a long walk. The rose gardens was the perfect place to take a rest. I did not expect it to be this interesting watching many who came in and almost all did take photos of the roses and some posed with roses. It reminded me of Goff James who I promised in one of his blogs post I will try and take some flowers photography. Thanks for the inspiration Goff.

Red roses reminds me of my all time favorite song by the late louis Armstrong, What a wonderful world.

Red roses are true for you and me. what a wonderful world. (Louis Armstrong)

Victoria lockdown History

The hope of getting out of the longest lockdown in the world is getting eased in Victoria from Monday next week.  Still many are not sure what restrictions will be eased. Many want the hands off limiting their movement restrictions removed. Many are looking forward to seeing their family that leave in a far distance.


Many just want to set foot in the central business district. Many want to be free like the birds and the bees. As some in Europe are heading in to lockdowns, one thing I can assure them. Its not going to be like what Victorian has been through. It will not be nearly a year in lockdown.


There will be so many stories to be told once this is all over. Some will be heart breaking and some will be stories of inspirations for what to do in a lockdown in parts of the world, now tackling the covid 19 virus. Majority here in Victoria have been impacted by the lockdowns, in so many different ways. The saddest is to those who did not get a chance to say good bye to their beloved ones and those who lost their Jobs and Business’s.


The year is not over yet but who is looking at making it even for 2020. Not many but maybe those who had their business still going and the ones who still where working and not on the Jobseeker. The debits incurred by individuals and business in 2020 is enough to live many with unstable mental state.

It started in China and they got out of it quick with tough restrictions now as it looks, life is back to normal and life goes on china. Can we do it? I think when you have no choice but to stand up and do it again. Then that will be the go.

In life you will be knocked down so hard, but guess what you end up getting up. Your struggle getting through this will not be judged by the success but by how you got knocked down and got up. That is also what I look forward to. Amen   

My cure for lockdown fatigue

Each one of us in lockdown here in Melbourne are looking forward to the easing of restrictions to be announced on Sunday. Plans have been made by many with the assumption the 5 km allowed distance to travel will be removed. Fingers crossed but I have made plans.

Werribee Park River

Yes, my first on the list to do is spend time in nature. I have missed it and certainly not looking forward to anything else but let nature ground me. The fresh air and calm vibe to relax me. The sound of moving water and the many sounds of birds.

Werribee river
Werribee River

Am so lucky that its just under 10km I can relax with the best views Werribee river delivers. Watch the water birds fly from one direction to the other while the eagles and kites fly high in the sky scanning the ground for prey.

You Yangs Mountains
You Yangs Mountains

Just over 10 km to the amazing You Yangs Mountains which has so much to offer from wild life to Aboriginal history. Hiking on top will be on my top list.

Point Wilson nature reserve
Point Wilson Nature Reserve

having missed out on taking photos at this rich in wildlife location, where i spot different migrating birds. its so peaceful here and its just you and nature interacting. the sunset times, the reserve gets transformed in what i call nature painting its own colours.. the count is on. it will be a blow in my face if we still be in lockdown and 5 km zone.

Lockdown Photograpy 4

Magpie Lark Bird.

So, the birds also can and do pose for a photograph. The Australian magpie lark bird proves that its true. Even as it happens quick and I was lucky to capture the moment. It put smiles on me when I looked at the pictures.

Magpie Lark
Magpie Lark
Magpie Lark

This can be a pose with a bit of a stretching if you like.

Magpie Lark

Some of the best moments that the lockdown provides is spending some quality time with the wild species that live within our suburbs. and that s great for on any other normal free day i would be in the parks ad miss out on this.

Lockdown Photograpy 3

State of the art Victoria police choppers – Leonardo AW139 helicopters


Victoria Police now have new Choppers. They are 4 and where purchased at a price of over $60 million. They replace the old choppers that where less advanced as these one’s are. One of the capabilities that they have is, from very far distance in the air. The pilot can zoom in on a car / track registration number. The police team on the ground can provide the pilot with a residential address. Once the pilot punches it in the system the camera swings to the address.how cool is that. and its day or night.


These choppers will also land on top of the new police headquarters on Spencer street and major hospitals.  They also can fly from Melbourne to parts of Victoria without the need to refuel. They are able to fly 1000 kilometre’s without refuelling. Its very hard for suspects being chased by the police Chopper to get away. these choppers can travel up-to 250 km per hour and can be at very far distance but you are still in there radar.


The addition of these new  state of the art Choppers, makes it much easy for the police officers on the ground to perform tasks so quick in enforcing law and order, arrive on time on car crush sites, transport detective’s to remote Victoria locations, track suspect’s, assist in search and rescue missions and many more at a quick time when police officer’s are needed. It’s a worth an investment by the Victorian government.


Victoria Police wings Addition is a squadron

Another addition to the Victoria Police wing will be a squadron. They will have many drowns that are so advanced. They will be unmanned in the air, giving the police officers on the ground mobile eyes. The drone squadron which was scheduled to start in August this year, would be managed within the state police air wing. These drowns camera’s work 24/7 being able to support police officers even at nights. What are the other advanced features of these drowns is still unknown? What is important to the police and the community is when a crime is reported. The speed and flexibility that the police officers need to respond quickly. The use of advanced technology by police, is to respond on time when a crime is reported. Keeping the community safe is getting much better with the police using state of the art tech to fight crime and assist search and rescue to save lives.

when you say you love me

This beautiful street artwork of Bob Marley is on Flinders lane Melbourne

You say you love rain. But you use an umbrella to walk under it. You say you love sunshine but you seek shelter when its shinning. You say you love wind. but when it comes you close your windows.

So that’s why I am scared when you say you love

RIP Bob Marley