Dark clouds in Melbourne

Melbourne is being hit with dark clouds. many want the sunny days, but mother nature has dark clouds not going anywhere. To nature lover and many photographer’s, cloudy days are not bad for photography. Seascapes turn out to be good.

A must visit Cape Schanck – Victoria

One of the best day trip out of Melbourne for many who love nature, photographer of nature. Don’t miss out on checking the pulpit rock and many wildlife. heads up its a bit of a walk to the rock. You will appreciate nature when you get there.

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Melbourne Nights

In Melbourne, i love taking photos at the time when the city is deserted. its fun as you will see a few photographers getting real creative before they snap it. Its been a while and now that the lockdown is lifted i will spare the time and kill it snapping some photos at night. some of my before lockdown photos i took.

  • Melbourne Cricket Ground - MCG
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Itsmoskey Sunsets

When the sun is rising or setting its always something we take a moment and just look at its wonder. the sun is one of nature’s wonder. the amazing color transformation its self is nature’s wonder.

  • Cape Schanck - Victoria
  • west lake china
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  • Landscape Photography

Being Creative in Photography

I like to keep it short but hope you give it a go. My favorite shooting mode is the bulb, taking long exposures. This was my first long exposure photo I took.  Thanks to the DSLR camera‚Äôs today they come with all this high-end tech. if you have not tried it and own a DSLR. Please give it a try.

Westgate bridge

There are so many free online tutorials about long exposure shooting specifically for the DSLR you own. as i said if you have not tried it, its fun and you will like your photo.

Our Prayers – Covid1

We can only pray to you all and you are not alone. we know the pain, hardship that Covid 19 has brought up us on this planet earth. many have fallen and still are. we in Australia see what is happening around the world. my prayers to you in America, India, Europe, South America, Asia and Africa fighting this invincible human enemy. Our prayers with you all that you see the light at the end of the tunnel. Rest in Peace the fallen.