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My 2020 Best Photos

Yes you have to be proud of your self, when you try so hard and reach a point. To me 2020 i guess i made some steps that am proud of. when i look at my photos from previous years, compared to the 2020. i think i made some serious improvement. thanks to many photography Youtubers, bloggers and friends. Now i can stand up and shout out loud, i made it ten steps up. many more to go.

Thank you so very much for watching. Happy new year

Greetings Frome Melbourne

As it has been a tough 2020 as a photographer. The opportunity to snap a photo was always there. However, the opportunity to travel was disrupted by countless restrictions due to COVID-19  here in Melbourne Australia. As there are only a few hours to go before 2020 is history and we welcome 2021. I wanted to wish each and everyone who supported me in improving my photography skills. Big thank you. And to the friends and the ones i follow and the one following me, I wish all the best in 2021. staying positive 2021 will be a slow start but will turn out to be good.

Good Bye 2020 and Welcome 2021 – Happy New People

Geelong Water-Front

I had a few hours to check out the Geelong waterfront. am glad i had with me my camera gear. Geelong is unlike other waterfronts in Victoria. The weather in Geelong on the afternoon was nice and the water-front was not crowded. perfect opportunity to snap some photos of my liking. thought i should share them with you.

Last full Moon Of 2020

As we get ready to say good bye to 2020, so are something we forget. At 7.30pm in Melbourne yesterday the 29th Dec 2020 many saw the full moon hours before the sunset. I first spotted it from Geelong. Heading back to Melbourne I could not get my eyes off the moon. Soon as I got home, I thought to myself, this could be the last moon of 2020. Am glad I took a photo of it.

December Full Moon

Desserted Nature Park

Imagine being in a nature park alone. yes its Christmas when all the family come together. Not the many wildlife photographers i know where in the area. not even cars driving past. the silence you could here only the soft wind, sounds of birds and creatures crawling under the grass.

Even the whistling kite did find it interesting what is he doing here. flying around in circles.

Whistling Kite - Pic by itsmoskey

Fine Arts Photography 2

Nature is never short of displaying it natural beauty when the sunsets. regardless of where you see the sunsets, on a mountain, open land or behind he city landscape its just beautiful. Foe me seeing the sunset on sea makes me feel better and appreciate what mother earth displays.

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