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There are many photographers out there. it would be very difficult to say this one is the best of all. there photos when you see them, yes your jaws will drop. i guess also with a touch of pro post processing. many will try to also take photo’s like they saw. recently i wanted to try some other types of photography not wildlife, landscape or night photography, but i did not have any idea’s. then i saw Cindy Knoke’s one blog post and i visited her site. her photos just gave me so many ideas. i could see a photo and imagine from where she was coming from, when she took that shot. that mind behind the photo was a game changer to me. the photo below i took with an inspiration from her photos. i have a whole list of different types of photography i saw on her site that i want to try. funny i asked 2 of my friends to check out Cindy’s site and go through all the photos and tell me what they think. its funny i thought i was crazy. one said, there is no need for words, her photos tell the story and the journey and the other went to get his camera and head out to to his front yard and start taking photos of his flowers. Please do check out her site and be inspired. https://cindyknoke.com/

What inspired me to take this photo below came from what i saw in some of Cindy’s photos. Very grateful and thank you for sharing.

Whistling Kite

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