A day at werribee mansions

Werribe mansion is one of the best locations in Victoria for fun or serious photography. Add it to your list.  Types of photography that you might be interested in at the mansions could be wildlife, flowers, gardens and nature. Many visit the mansion but end up not going to the nature park. its a bit of a walk, a bike might do the magic.

I spent a day after the lifting of the lockdown exploring the werribee mansions and its surroundings. Even as the Zoo was still closed, I could spot a few animals from a far.

Werribee park river

I was able to spot some of the birds that I have never seen. The werribee park is home to many birds some that fly as far as from Geelong. One of the park rangers said to me. Keep these dates in mind, there is an Osprey that flies from Sydney and comes here once a year at this spot. You will see many wildlife photographers all standing there waiting for it. That was interesting.  

Rainbow Lorikeet
Red browed finch

State Rose Gardens

State rose gardens Victoria
Pink roses
Red roses

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