Victoria lockdown History

The hope of getting out of the longest lockdown in the world is getting eased in Victoria from Monday next week.  Still many are not sure what restrictions will be eased. Many want the hands off limiting their movement restrictions removed. Many are looking forward to seeing their family that leave in a far distance.


Many just want to set foot in the central business district. Many want to be free like the birds and the bees. As some in Europe are heading in to lockdowns, one thing I can assure them. Its not going to be like what Victorian has been through. It will not be nearly a year in lockdown.


There will be so many stories to be told once this is all over. Some will be heart breaking and some will be stories of inspirations for what to do in a lockdown in parts of the world, now tackling the covid 19 virus. Majority here in Victoria have been impacted by the lockdowns, in so many different ways. The saddest is to those who did not get a chance to say good bye to their beloved ones and those who lost their Jobs and Business’s.


The year is not over yet but who is looking at making it even for 2020. Not many but maybe those who had their business still going and the ones who still where working and not on the Jobseeker. The debits incurred by individuals and business in 2020 is enough to live many with unstable mental state.

It started in China and they got out of it quick with tough restrictions now as it looks, life is back to normal and life goes on china. Can we do it? I think when you have no choice but to stand up and do it again. Then that will be the go.

In life you will be knocked down so hard, but guess what you end up getting up. Your struggle getting through this will not be judged by the success but by how you got knocked down and got up. That is also what I look forward to. Amen   

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