Night Photography in Melbourne

Last three nights the clear night sky’s in Melbourne made it so easy to photograph the moon. why I photograph the moon. to me the moon is a natural wonder.

Many years ago humans used to depend on the moon in so many ways. its not the case today. but there are still many animals the moon is essential to them in many things. the birds use the moon to navigate there way when migrating. some birds and animals will time their reproduction to coincide with the specific phases of the lunar cycle. not so much is known why the wolf howls at the moon, I guess that tells us there are connections from the past between humans and animals with the moon.

Full Moon
Full Moon

The moon has been there i guess from the beginning and yet we humans know a few facts and the vast majority of many things we don’t know. look at the below image for a moment and you might have questions that don’t have answers but maybe just assumptions.

Full Moon
Deep inside the Moon

So according to NASA. Its the sun that lights up the moons surface. we are only able to see the moon from earth and this is due to the sun light reflecting off the moon. which makes it certain the moon dose not produce any light. Interesting.

Interesting things about the moon that I learned. the moon dose not rotate but spins. the moon spins on its axis . it spins around for 27 days to complete its rotation. what am not sure of is the moon seen in some other parts of the world with a difference face or its the same face that faces the earth?

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