Melbourne Lockdown photography

Victoria Police Chopper
Picture taken from my backyard

Fighting Covid 19 price in Australia. Victoria will top all states. clear evidence from, the police could not do it alone, but they had to ask for help from Australian defense force. it will be interesting after all this is gone to know what the cost was. even as we know the economy all around the world where hit hard, the Victoria economy will be the worst hit in Australia. many business owners want the Premier to open up the economy by lifting these restrictions. even if the restrictions were to be lifted today. so many don’t have the cash to stimulate the economy of Victoria, which depends so much on hospitality. with the Job-keeper and Job-seeker being reduced its a tough go for many. A promise of a quick fix from the politicians is just a BS.

Many will not be able to afford paying there mortgage, to many who lost there jobs how are they going to pay for the mortgage on job-seeker payments. its sad to see one who worked so very hard to save up and buy a house just lose it or give it up. Small business have been hit so hard that most will not be coming back and the owners will still have to pay the debts from banks and owners rental or simply declare them-self bankrupt.

The impact of Covid 19 will affect each and every Victorian. if it did not make an impact on you, soon you will find out, many you know who where impacted by it and that’s how it will affect you too emotionally. many including myself want the restrictions lifted, but it scares me of the road ahead. we all wanted to see the light at the end of the tunnel. we are starting to see the light as Melbourne finds its self now on the single digit recording of new case’s. the roads a head are the main focus now. Its going to get tough for many trying to get back on there feet. Victorians are going to need each other and together to walk through the tough roads. just imagine for one job there is 6000 applicants, how could the roads be easy.

Just a thought of silly Itsmoskey

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