Photography -The Good and Bad.


Many photographers in the photography vocabulary only see good and bad photography as in the result of a photograph. Easy to pinpoint what might have happened. Today I want to look at the good and bad photography from a different angle.

What is good photography?

It all starts with one taking a photo. It can be on a smartphone or a digital camera. There can be a reason for taking that photo, sometimes it is just for fun to please oneself. I think of photography as a best way of communicating across to relatives and friends. moments you capture and share with them. Its true also photography can be used to document time. Think of taking a baby’s picture from when they are born. That to me is good photography.

Photography the best way I can see it as good photography is when it is used to educate, take you back in time past, inform or bring in some form of change from bad to good. As many now with the social media sharing apps all over. You see many sharing their photos from home, dinning out, outdoors, workplace and vacations. That is no doubt good photography.

Some of the bad photography.

When the purpose of photography is to paint a negative picture of someone, a community, a place or display private parts of humans abused. That is just not good but to some weird humans think its ok. some will disagree, but many will agree its not ok. it may seem to some that a photographer is one with a digital camera with super telephoto lens, so it dose not count if you use your smartphone as a photographer. well congratulation you a photographer already. The levels of photography dose not exclude one who snaps a photo with a smart phone. You are just in one category a photographer who just snapped a photo for the purpose that will make you feel better but not the other. If you have not seen or heard of some people sharing online photos of there ex naked, then its true there are many. When photography is used to communicate hate, abuse, intimidate, discriminate then that is what I call bad photography.


Unfortunately, as we all think differently and the freedom in our hands, it is the photographer what he wants to archive and share it,  it passes  through the unfiltered net and reach the fans of bad photography. Think twice next time you take a photo which side your photo will be in, Good or bad. Are you ok with being bad photography or its just ok? be a proud photographer and proud of your photograph’s.

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