Lock down Photography

Lock down Photography

Chatting to my neighbour Rajesh a very funny guy. I kept on getting destructed by the birds flying in on his roof top. He said am sure you want to take photos of birds now, while shaking his head. He said you like eagles not many come here, laughing his ass off . I could not stop laughing too. I said to him, I will take a photo of one of the birds that come next. so i said him its not only eagles. birds in the neighbourhood are not challenging to take there photos.

So one just landed and i remembered trying to photograph it in the wild, but its too sensitive when it see’s you, it quickly fly away so fast. at this point of time Rajesh was talking and i was not paying attention. i rushed quickly back in the house grabbed my camera and snapped this photo

Rajesh and i went back in the house downloaded the raw file and then i saw the look on his face was, that looks different from the way the bird was on the roof-top. i said thats what the camera dose captures all the fine detail. still a funny men. he asked me to give him a copy he wants to frame it.

That was a happy lockdown day i guess………Always missing nature. hopefully i will see i, be in it soon. something positive to look forward to.

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