Missing nature in Melbourne

Missing nature in Melbourne

I never thought I was that addicted to birds photography as the day goes by I look at a beautiful morning or an evening with that soft light only to imagine if I where in a park and taking photo’s of the inhabitants. Unfortunately, we are not allowed until lock down is over. Also not being able to step into Melbourne City for almost five weeks now, kind of made me want to do some daylight photography of the city and some of the nice suburbs around.

So once this is all over a list of locations to visit in Melbourne city and if, we from Melbourne will be allowed to travel in regional Victoria. I want to see all the water falls on the great ocean road. I have spared a whole week and if need more days happy to hand around for ten days just to see the waterfalls. I  also cannot wait for also the interstate borders to open so I can visit NSW and see the many beautiful eagles and the southern osprey that call that state home.

Just thinking about it, how many times I travel overseas for a holiday and not on my list many of the beautiful locations here in Australia.  Yes, it is sometimes cheaper to travel overseas holidaying than doing it in Australia. But that is not going to be the case now. Am not going to do any overseas trips until I have done a few in Australia.

Looking forward to a new beginning after the lock down…. Yeah sounds like a plan

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