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Black shouldered Kite

The power of a photo or photos can bring back memories that you forgot. The feeling gets much better if you did take that photo. Today all of us are photographers, think of how cell phones are used to take photos. Now that is a level of its own and there are higher levels. Ask yourself which level do you want to be in.

Quay west Melbourne
Check Out my Night Photography

Nature, Landscapes, Birds, Birds In-flight and Night landscapes that is my type of photography.

Here I share my photography journey and stories from where it started. Many photos I take I share them here. You will see why to me, taking a good photo with the right settings is so important. Each day I try and give my best to capture photos as the professionals do. It was not long when I considered my self a beginner. Now am not sure about that. My photos will help you understand me and where I prefer to be when time allows. Its nature that am addicted to and where I can stand and see that whole beautiful landscape.

Whistling Kite - Itsmoskey Photography

Why photography, it helps me capture anything that I feel is important, beautiful or wanting to go in a bit deeper and see it all. Document it and have it to remember and also share.  Not proud but impressed by myself.  I did teach my self through learning from the best photographers of nature.

Cape Schank - Victoria Australia
Check Out my landscape Photos
Cape Schanck - Victoria
Melbourne skyline
Trentham-Falls Victoria

I have never seen anyone who dislikes landscapes. the mind stops and processes it all and you are blown away when you see one. that’s what landscapes do when humans see them. nature delivers it and can transform it in colors that blow our human minds

Werribee Mansion
Moon photography
Addicted to taking moon photos
Moon photography
Moon photography
Moon photography
Moon photography

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